Pimenta ac'ris, Myrcia, Bay, Wild Clove; Oleum Myrciae, Oil of Bay, N.F. -- The volatile oil distilled from the leaves; W. Indies, Jamaica, cultivated. Tree, beautiful, fragrant, 9-12 M. (30-40 degrees) high; leaves 5-8 Cm. (2-3') long, oval, coriaceous, pellucid-punctate, exhaling aroma when bruised similar to clove (volatile oil); flowers small, white with red tinge; fruit globular berry, size of a pea blackish, resembling allspice; contains volatile oil, tannin. Oleum Myrciae, is a yellowish liquid, pleasant aromatic odor pungent, spicy taste, with equal volume of alcohol (acid reaction), acetic acid, or carbon disulphide -- slightly turbid solutions, sp gr. 0976, levorotatory; contains eugenol 65 p.c., chavicol, myrcene, phellandrene, citral. Impurities: Oil of pimenta, oil of clove, phenol. Should be kept cool, dark, in small well-stoppered, amber-colored bottles. Astringent, tonic, stimulant, perfume; nervous headache, faintness, chafing, hair washes, perfumery; 1. Spiritus Myrciae Compositus, Bay Rum, 4/5 p.c., + oil of orange, oil of pimenta, aa, 1/20 p.c., alcohol 61, water q.s. 100; better grades made by distilling leaves with St. Croix rum (Jamaica, imported bay rum.