Abies, Abies Canadensis, or Hemlock Spruce, supplies a gum known as Canada pitch. From it a plaster is prepared possessing rubefacient properties. Oil of hemlock is prepared by distilling its branches with water. It possesses terebinthinate diuretic properties, which, combined with balsams, expectorants, and other diuretics, has been employed in a large range of affections of a catarrhal character. A tincture of the fresh inner bark is more suited to internal administration. It is a terebinthinate astringent, useful in chronic coughs with free expectoration. Give doses, in syrup or elixir, of from 5 to 15I. In small doses (@ 3 to 5I or ec. tr. pinus, I or 2I. frequently repeated and gradually increased), it is useful in catarrhal conditions of the stomach accompanied by abdominal distention, and in the chronic gastro-intestinal troubles of poorly nourished children. Give very small doses in the babe's food, and cautiously increase as it is tolerated.