Helonias Dioica, Starwort or False Unicorn. This is another of the loosely prescribed uterine tonics. In large doses it is a cardiac depressant, emetic, and vermifuge. Cattle are killed by eating it, and its decoction is fatal to insects and small animals. It is usually prescribed in doses altogether too large. In moderate doses (f.e. or ec. tr., 5 to 10 I.) its influence is upon the glandular tissues of the digestive and urinary systems, improving digestion, and toning the liver. It is a tonic to the genito-urinary apparatus, overcoming the phosphatic diathesis, relieving albuminuria if due to irritation, and favorably influencing diabetes mellitus and insipidus. It relieves a tender, aching kidney, but is not applicable in degenerative processes.

In small doses (f.e. or ec. tr., I to 3 I.; @, 5 I. every two hours) it is distinctly curative in pelvic engorgement, resulting in a dragging sensation or uterine prolapsus with too frequent or profuse menses. This is all it does effectively in uterine diseases, and the small dose is more prompt in action than the large dose usually given. Remember the toxicity of this drug.