Pulveres, U. S. P. Acetanilid Compositus (acetanilid, 70% ; caffeine, 1070; sod. bicarb., 2070) . Average dose, 70 gr. This is an official substitute for several proprietary mixtures. Its range of safe utility is much more restricted than the literature upon the proprietaries assert, and it should be used with care. Aromaticus, a carminative in 10 to 20 gr. doses. Creta: comp., an antacid used in 30 gr. doses in diarrhea. Effervescens comp., the U. S. P. name for "Seidlitz Powder." Glycyrrhiza: comp., a laxative containing senna, licorice, sulphur, fennel, and sugar. Dose, 60 gr. Ipecacuanha: et opii (ipecac, 1070; opium, 1070); "Dover's Powder." Anodyne, antispasmodic, and diaphoretic. Average dose, 70 gr. The present U. S. P. formula omits potassium sulphate. Some authorities think the omission a mistake. The old 1870 formula is made by Squibb and several other houses, and is readily obtainable.

Jalapa: compo (jalap, 35%; potassium bitartrate, 65%), a hydrogogue cathartic used in obstinate constipation and "bilious dropsy." Average dose, 30 gr. Morphina: compo ("Tully's Powder"). This is a mixture of camphor, 32%; morphine, 10% with excipients. It is anodyne, nerve sedative, and antispasmodic. Average dose, 70 gr. Rhei compo (rhubarb 25%), an antacid, laxative, and carminative in 30 gr. doses. Its employment is principally in the diseases of children. Several effervescent powders are official, such as lithium citrate and magnesium sulphate.