Jalapa, Jalap. This is an old remedy little used at present. It is an active cathartic, principally influencing the small intestine. The doses as now given are-extract, 2 to 5 gr; compound powder, 20 to 60 gr.; resin, I to 3 gr.

The old "Beach's anti-bilious physic" was composed of powdered jalap, 8 K; powdered senna, I pound; ginger, I K. Triturate together and give a large teaspoonful, in sweetened water, at one dose. This mixture is effective in case of impacted rectum. A dose can be given every six hours until free evacuation results. Jalap combines well with santonine as a vermifuge, and is a useful laxative, in moderate doses, in cases where hemorrhoids contraindicate stimulating purgatives.