Liquors Acidi Phosphorici, U. S. P. (1%), average dose, 3 1l1.. Ammonii acetatis, U. S. P. (7%), diaphoretic and diuretic, average dose, 4 f3. "Squibbs's Liq. am. acet.; concentratus" is three times the strength of the U. S. P. preparation. Antisepticus, a new U. S. P. preparation of aromatic vegetable antiseptics with 2% boric acid, 1-10% benzoic acid, and l-10% thymol; externally, 1/4 to full strength; internally, 30 I. to 2 f K. Arseni et hydrargyri iodidi, U. S. P. (I% of each salt), average dose, I 1/2 I.; this is known as "Donovan's Solution." Bismuthi, N. F., each f5 containing I gr. bismuth and ammonium citrate. Calcis, 0.14%), U. S. P., lime water. Chlori comp., U.S.P., chlorine water, average dose, I f3. Cresolis comp., U. S. P. (50% cresol), a saponaceous antiseptic and disinfectant, used externally in I to 3% solution. Ferri chloridi (10% metallic iron), average dose, 1 1/2 I.. Fe. et am. acet. (Basham's Mixture), average dose, 4 f3. Ferri subsulphatis (Monsel's Solution), used externally. All these iron solutions are from U. S. P., which also unwisely lists: Ferri tersulphatis, very liable to be mistaken for the subsulphatis. The tersulphate is irritating and less efficient than the former preparation. Formaldehydi, in practice of varying strength, but officially should be 37% absolute formaldehyde gas; use in 1/4 to 2% solution. Hydrargyri nitratis, U. S. P. (60%), a powerful caustic. Iodi compo (Lugol's Solution, I. 5%; K.I., 10%), average dose, 3 I.. Magnesii citratis, U. S. P., laxative in average dose of 12 f K. Plumbi subacetatis. U. S. P. (25%), known as Goulard's Extract, astringent and antiseptic; used in making Plumbi subacetatis dilutus (I %), used externally undiluted. Potassi arsenitis (I %), Fowler's Solution; average dose given in U. S. P. as 3 I.; in practice most physicians give less. Potassi citratis, U. S. P. (8I.), average dose, 4 f3.

Potassi hydroxidi, average dose, IS lTl. Soda: chlorillata: (Labarraque's Solution), average dose, I5 I.. Sodii arsenatis, U. S. P. (I %), average dose, 3 lTl. The National Formulary has a similar title, but this preparation is only one-tenth the strength of the U. S. P. preparation. Be exceedingly careful not to confound the two. The N. F. preparation should be dropped entirely in view of the concentrated U. S. P. product. Sodii hydroxidi, U.S.P. (5%), average dose, 15 I.. This is "caustic soda," and its internal use is open to question. If used at all, it should be much diluted. Sodii phosphatis comp., U. S. P. This is a liquefied sodium phosphate, and contains traces of sodium nitrate and citric acid. It is a useful laxative in doses of 2 f3, well diluted. Zinci chloridi, U. S. P. (50% by weight), caustic. As a disinfectant, use I pound to 2 gallons of water.