Lithium, Lithii Bellzoas, antilithic and internal antiseptic. Both natural and synthetic preparations are available, and are used in doses of 5 to 20 gr. The Bromide is used in the same dose as a nerve sedative. The Carbonate in 3 to 10 gr. doses is an antacid diuretic. The Citrate in 3 to 10 gr. doses is probably the most valuable salt of lithia, used to neutralize or dissolve uric acid and as a remedy in rheumatism and gout. It is freely soluble in water. The Salicylate in 5 to 20 gr. doses is employed in rheumatism. The effervescent lithia preparations are to be commended. Natural lithia water is ofttimes preferable to the salts, but the ingestion of large quantities of water with the salts overcomes, in a measure, the deficiency of the U. S. P. preparations.