Ranunculus Bulbosus, Buttercup. In large doses (@, 10 to 30 drops, repeated as necessary) this rather toxic drug is used in delirium tremens. In small doses (@, I or 2 I, or even the first decimal dilution) this drug influences spasmodic troubles of the chest wall, such as pleurodynia, soreness in the intercostal spaces, muscular soreness about shoulder blades, and stabbing pain in the chest, such as results from pleurisy. It is not wise to depend upon this drug to cure the pleurisy itself. Herpetic eruptions, shingles, and vesicles upon the cornea are said to be relieved by this agent. Large doses should never be used, since the plant is an acrid narcotic. It is of secondary importance as a remedy, and is not very uniform in action.