Adrenalin, the blood-pressure-raising principle of the suprarenal gland and almost the exact physiological opposite of glonoin. Both of these substances demand careful and detailed study in order to intelligently employ them internally.

Adrenalin is probably the most efficient hemostatic and astringent known. Its surgical and special uses are many, but it is principally employed in hay fever ("adrenalin inhalant") and in iritis, conjunctivitis, and inflammations of the tonsils and larynx in solution (as chloride) in I to 10,000 or I to 1000 of solvent. Internally, as a heart stimulant and in Addison's disease, 5 to 30 I of I to 1000 solution. Its internal administration should not be lightly entered upon, but it is valuable if used strictly within its indications.