Adonis Vernalis, Pheasant's eye, excites the inhibitory nerves of the heart at the central end; but large doses, long continued, are apt to paralyze the peripheral end of the vagus. The accelerating nerves are excited. The logical outcome is that this very energetic remedy, or adonidin, should be very carefully employed. Personal experience has taught the present author to depend upon this drug to give prompt results where indicated, and also to produce great discomfort when administered to persons having only temporary functional heart disturbances. (F.e. I to 2 I, carefully employed. Do not give to children.

In small doses this agent has acted remarkably well in my hands in cases of venous engorgement and weak heart giving rise to varicose ulcers. Administer continuously for several weeks, I -3 to 1/2 I doses of the ec. tr. or f.e., or 1/2 grain doses of the IX trituration of adonidin.