The National Formulary. For many years an effort has been made to unify formulas for ready-made mixtures and to place these preparations upon a more scientific basis. This effort has taken concrete form in the National Formulary, a careful study of which we here take the liberty of commending. It is to be regretted that this splendid collection of formulae is not in more general use, paralleling, as it does, nearly all the really useful proprietary compounds, the extensive advertising of which is paid for by the man with the prescription. To be just to the proprietary interests, it may be well to say that there are a few preparations not susceptible of any but most elaborate manipulation and which are, in the very nature of the case, proprietary and strictly ethical; but this modem necessity has been abused very largely by small concerns wishing to make money under the guise of science and by the large manufacturers very unjustly pirating each other's specialties. As a matter of fact, a large proportion of the proprietaries extensively prescribed by the regular profession are old eclectic formulae, while some of them are homeopathic and are made from mother tinctures.

Permit a final exhortation urging all physicians to study the legitimate pharmacy of all schools. What is herein recorded is a mere outline. Our best reply to the sectarians is to employ all their resources of real utility, for you can rest assured that they employ ours. So soon as the public learns that sectarianism has nothing tangible to offer, sectarian names will cease to pay and there will be but one school of medicine, to the benefit of all legitimate interests concerned.