Ointments And Cerates of the U. S. P. are so admirable and so well known that little need be said of them here. The homceopaths employ an extensive line of green plant cerates, usually of 25% strength. They are very active preparations, aconite, Gesculus, bryonia, calendula, hamamelis, hydrastis, phytolacca, plantago, stramonium, and thuja being the principal ones. The eclectics use a similar line of cerates, laying especial stress upon echinacea, stillingia, and juniper. They have an ointment representative of the alkaloids of tobacco and fancifully styled "Dynamine." This same, combined with a modem substitute for their old "compound lobelia powder" in cerate form, is called "Libradol," a pain

relieving and relaxing application requiring care that sufficient is not absorbed by the skin to cause emesis. With careful use it is a valuable agent. These ointments and cerates with official sectarian sanction constitute a useful accessory to our own official list. Combined, they cover every indication and render the host of proprietary ointments quite superfluous.