Plantago Major, Plantain Weed, Ribwort. This is a common pest in old lawns and by roadsides, and is a peculiar need esteemed in domestic practice. A pulp of the crushed leaves is applied to insect bites, poisoned wounds, and painful sores. My experience in country practice leads me to remark that it is really of very considerable value. The homeopathic cerate of plantago is made of 25% fresh leaves, and is recommended by them in many forms of poisonous and malignant inflammation, phlegmonous erysipelas, indolent ulcers, ulcerations of the rectum and os uteri, chilblains in the inflamed stage, and the small boils that develop in the nose. The ec. tr. plantago is esteemed as a remedy in earache and toothache. It is applied full strength upon pledgets of cotton. Internally (ec. tr., I to I.), it has some reputation in neuralgias due to reflex irritation from the ears and teeth. Small doses are asserted to cure nocturnal enuresis due to relaxed sphincter vesicae. It is the harmless remedy for bed-wetting in children advertised by some mail-order "specialists."