Senna. An efficient and safe cathartic. An infusion of 30 to 60 gr. of the leaves is taken at one dose. A convenient way to prepare it is to pour a pint of boiling water upon an ounce each of senna leaves and peppermint herb, let stand until cold, filter, and administer in doses of I wineglassful every morning. The so-called "antibilious physic" is made of powdered ginger, I K; jalap, 8 K; and senna, 16 5. Dose, I teaspoonful. The aqueous fluid-extract is given in twice the dose of the U. S. P. fluid-extract, but is less griping. (F.e., 1/2 to 2 f3.) Small doses (l or 2 gr. pills, extract) are a gastrointestinal tonic, and are recommended in oxaluria and conditions of nitrogenous tissue waste.