Cannabis Indica. This agent is sedative, narcotic, and anodyne, primarily exciting cerebration, but resulting in secondary depression not marked in character. It may be employed in a wide range of affections, but its greatest influence is exerted in painful, spasmodic affections. This remedy is exceedingly useful in painful affections of the genitourinary tract with tenesmus, priapism, strangury, or spasmodic stricture. This indication covers a wide range of affections. It is seldom employed alone, but in conjunction with antiseptics and agents to allay inflammation. Cannabis indica is a safer and more truly satisfactory remedy than heroin or codeine as the narcotic element in cough mixtures, such as the syrup of white pine. An assayed fluidextract may be given in doses of I to 3 I. A good tincture is made by dissolving I ounce of the English extract in a pint of alcohol. Dose, I to I5 I

Small doses of this drug, frequently repeated, usually give better results than do massive doses. The action is the same in any dose, varying only in degree.