Cucurbita. There are two remedies known by this name: Cucurbita citrulills, or the ordinary watermelon (the seeds being employed), is quite markedly diuretic. The infusion of the seeds is a most excellent non-irritating diuretic, valuable in the diseases of children who cry during urination, and who stain the diapers a deep color. It is useful in the active stage of cystitis in adults. Give them teaspoonful doses of the fluidextract.

Circurbita Pepo is the pumpkin. The U. S. P. designates it as "Pepo," the homceopaths as "Cucurbita." They use small doses in the vomiting of pregnancy. The seeds are used to expel the tapeworm. Scald 2 ounces of the seed and peel off the outer skin when softened. Break up the inner pulp and eat with cream in the morning after a twelve to fifteen hours' fast. Two hours later take a dose of castor oil.