Cypripedium, Lady's Slipper. Nervous stimulant, anti-spasmodic, analgesic. Only preparations of the fresh root carry the full activity of this drug, although the fluid-extract and oleoresin are of some value. This rather feeble agent finds its greatest field of usefulness in cerebral hyperemia and functional nervousness of infants and in mild convulsive affections due to teething or to irritation of the brain in scrofulous children. With those children who are wakeful at night and yet are not ill and want to laugh and play, it is a very satisfactory drug. It will frequently take the place of an opiate and is not apt to do any harm, but it must be remembered that it is not a remedy for pain and its influence is in functional diseases, not in organic affections.

It is of some service in the case of adults who suffer from nervousness, restlessness, and hyperesthesia induced by genito-urinary diseases, but is not to be depended upon in severe cases. Dose, ec. tr. or f.e., 10 to 60 I. for adults. The former is the more active.