Elaterinum, Elaterium. In large doses, a hydrogogue cathartic and diuretic, but is of variable activity. It may be cautiously employed in dropsy or as a depleting agent. The average dose of the U. S. P. Elaterin is 1-10 gr. Merck's crystalline elaterin is a much more definite agent, and is to be preferred. Its dose is I -20 to I - 10 gr. The maximum dose of ec. tr. is 15 I.

In small doses it has some reputation in the treatment of cystitis and inflammations of the neck of the bladder. For this purpose doses of I -3 to I I of ec. tr. will serve nicely. It is deserving of trial in this connection, but more direct methods with larger doses of drugs, such as triticum or com silk, have acted better in my hands. Sometimes small doses will control violent vomiting and purging, but it should not be depended upon.