Creosotum. "A mixture of phenols and phenol derivatives, chiefly guaiacol and cresol, obtained during the distillation of wood tar, preferably of that derived from the beech, Fagus silvatica." Guaiacol, creosote, and cresol are somewhat similar in action, and can be administered after meals in cream, cod liver oil, whisky, or in capsules.

Creosote is used in phthisis of a non-febrile character, sympathetic vomiting (in small doses), chronic bronchitis, fetid diarrhea. Locally, to carious dental pulp, and, diluted, to burns and as an antiseptic. Dose, I to 5 I. While cresol or "coal-tar creosote" can be used internally, it is so apt to contain the toxic elements in excess that the safe plan is to use only beechwood creosote. Even this sometimes contains coerulignol, and only re- liable makes should be used.