Principal Homeopathic Cerates. Most of them are made 25% of the strength of the plant. Rhus toxicodendron is made much weaker. Aconite, in inflammation and pain. AEsculus, in piles. Arnica, sprains and bruises. Bryonia, rheumatism and pleurisy. Calendula, antiseptic and healing. Carrot, in deep burns. Eucalyptus, an antiseptic. Graphites, sore nipples and fissured sores. Quite useful. Hamamelis, piles, bums, inflammations, etc. Hypericum, penetrating and painful wounds. Hydrastis, catarrhal conditions of mucous surfaces. Iris. in tinea capitis. Phytolacca, in glandular inflammation before suppuration takes place. A very valuable application in induration and congestion of mammary gland. Plantago, another excellent cerate of use in poisonous and malignant inflammation, ulcerations, pruritis, and phlegmonous erysipelas. Rhus tox, in rheumatism of joints, but must be used with great care. Stramonium (50%), in inflamed hemorrhoids. Thuja, in old sores, salt rheum, warts, and pimply eruptions. Homeopathic cerates are very active, being made from the green plants. Their ointments made from chemicals are quite similar to our own.