Unguentum; Acidi Borici (10%). Acidi tannici (20%). Belladonnae (10%). Chyrsarobin (6%), anti-parasitic. Too toxic to use upon large surfaces. Diachylon, or lead plaster (5°%), astringent and dermic. Gallae (20% ), astringent in piles, prolapsus ani, flabby ulcers, etc. Hydrargyri (50%). The U. S. P. preparation is inferior to that made by Squibb by mechanical means. Antisyphilitic, discutient, and antiparasitic. Dose (by inunction), I 3. Hydrargyri ammoniata (10%). Hydrargyri dilutum (mercurial ointment, 67%). Hydrargyri nitratis, or "citrine ointment" (mercury, 7%; nitric acid, 17 1/2%). Hydrargyri oxidi flavum (10%), and Oxidi rubri (roro), are used in diseases of the eyelids and in indolent ulcers. Iodi (4%). Iodoforma (10%). PhenoIis (3%). Picis liquidae (50%). Potassi iodidi (10%). Stramonii (10%). Sulphuris (15%). Veratrinae (4%). Use carefully, as it is very toxic. Zinci oxidi (20%). Zinci stearatis (50%).