Iodoformum, Iodoform. This agent is used more or less internally, being of real value in the treatment of tuberculosis with intractable hemorrhage and of some utility in tubercular meningitis. It is exceedingly disagreeable to the patient, however. Dose, 1/2 to 2 gr.

Locally, iodoform is much used, although one must avoid its toxic influences by the exercise of due care. It is used in wounds freely discharging and in putrid sores. It does not appear to stimulate granulation to any great extent. Vaginal suppositories may contain 5 gr. of iodoform; rectal suppositories 2 or 3 gr. Ointments usually contain 5 to 100/0. In tubercular joint affections, injections of 10% oily emulsions are used. The soluble urethral bougies should seldom contain over I gr.