Ignatia Amara, Bean of St. Ignatius. This is a milder remedy than nux vomica, containing less strychnia. For stimulation and the general influence of large doses, nux vomica is to be preferred to it. This is also the case when small doses are given to stimulate intestinal perilstasis.

In small doses ignatia has a field of its own, since it is less irritating to the nerves and possesses a more kindly influence in cases in which the emotional element predominates. Hence, it is serviceable in the illnesses of women of sensitive and excitable nature where nux vomica often aggravates the case. It can also be given for a great length of time where a mild nerve tonic is demanded. Its influence in hysterical and sexual neurasthenias and in prolonged nervous depression is much better than is that of nux vomica. Give of f.e. or ec. tr. 1-6 to 1/2 I several times a day. It combines well with vegetable bitter tonics, generally.