Eupatorium, Boneset. In very large doses is emetic. Moderate doses of the hot infusion are diaphoretic and valuable in colds, especially where the patient is sore and aches in the back and limbs. Masked intermittent fever is promptly benefited by it. If the herb is not at hand, add 10 or 12 I. of ec. tr. to a cup of boiling water, and an excellent "tea" is the result.

In small doses it acts upon the gastro-hepatic organs and bronchial mucous membranes, and is valuable in indigestion, soreness in the chest, influenza, and catarrhal troubles generally. (F.e. or ec. tr., 5 to 15 I). If used as a "tea" the ec. tr., being more aromatic and less bitter than the fluidextract, is to be preferred.

If boneset were a rare and expensive drug it would be highly esteemed. It is really very valuable within its proper field.