Euphorbia. Several of the Euphorbiaceae are employed in medicine. E. Corollata is employed in small doses (f.e., I to 5 I.) in atonic dyspepsia. E. Dathyris is employed by the homeopaths for a host of conditions for which I can see no definite reason. In large doses it is a drastic purgative. E. Heterodoxa is a violent irritant. Its juice preserved with salicylic acid is the "secret cancer cure" employed by those who use "a purely vegetable preparation." There are authentic instances recorded in which it has succeeded. E. Pilulifera has long been employed by the homceopaths in humid asthma and hay fever, and has been introduced into regular medicine, but the dose usually employed (f.e., 30 to 60 I.) is altogether too large. Use 5 to 15 I and it is fairly useful, although Sticta pulmonaria (q. v.) is much better. E. Resinfera is used in drop doses of the tincture in vesicular erysipelas and in the pains of cancer when not severe. It is toxic in large doses.