Lycopus Virginica, Bugleweed. A remedy used largely by the eclectics. The ec. tr. is made from the green herb, and is very active. The maximum dose is 20 I.. In diseases of the heart, in moderate to full doses, it slows the pulse and relieves irritability and tumultuous action. It is recommended in hypertrophy and dilatation, and has been suggested in exophthalmic goitre. It is given to advantage in palpitation. In respiratory diseases it is asserted to be of value in hemoptysis and incipient phthisis and in irritable coughs. It is not definitely ascertained that it has any direct action upon the lung tissue, but by its action in controlling the circulation and because of a mild nerve sedative influence it is a remedy of secondary importance in this connection. In my own experience, small doses are not effective.