Mistletoe, Viscum Album. Preparations made from the green plant are active, and are dangerously toxic in very large dose, causing convulsions. In large doses (ec. tr., 5 to 10 I.; @, 30 to 60 I.) it is oxytocic, causing intermittent uterine contractions and not markedly influencing the cervix. In labor with weak contractions it is adapted, if, indeed, any drug of this class should be used. In such conditions it is preferable to ergot. Capable authorities have commended it in cardiac hypertrophy with va1vular insufficiency.

In small doses (ec. tr., I to 2 I.; @, 5 to 10 I.) it is indicated in cerebral congestion occurring in epilepsy, hysteria, and other nervous diseases, and in the paroxysms of tearing pain occurring in neuralgic and rheumatic complaints, and in spinal pains due to uterine disease. It is a useful agent, but its toxicity should be ever kept in mind.