Myrica, Bayberry Bark. A stimulant to all mucous surfaces, useful in atonic conditions with increased secretion.

In large doses an emetic, and in moderate doses is somewhat stimulant, but should not be used in acute affections. This bark is worthless unless used in a recent state. Use 8 K of the recent bark of the root to 16 fK of 70% alcohol in making a tincture. Of this, 20 to 30 I. is a full dose. Employed in atonic diarrhea and dysentery.

In small doses (tincture, as above, 5 I.; @, 10 I.) it is useful in atony of the cutaneous vessels, atonic leucor-rhea, and some cases of jaundice. Locally, it is an excellent wash for tender and spongy gums, the sore throat of scarlet fever, and old ulcers.