Scilla, Squill. In large doses (f.e., 10 I..) it is an emetic, but it is unwise to use it in this connection except in the form of the compound syrup, or so-called "hive syrup," in case of croup, to the point of nausea, or slight emesis in severe cases. This useful syrup is given to children in doses of I0 to 30 I, and to adults, 20 to 60 I., as an expectorant. In general, squill is not given to children to any great extent.

In moderate doses (f.e., I to 2 I.; syr., I5 to 30 I.; vinegar, I0 I.) it is an expectorant used in dry, irritating bronchial coughs and as a diuretic in cardiac dropsy.

Smaller doses are employed in the chronic bronchitis of old people with mucous dies, dyspnea, and scanty urine.