Botanic Data

Wood's "American Botanist," Bergen's "Botany," "Medical Botany of North America," Laurence Johnson, and several special works.

Chemical Data

"The U. S. Dispensatory," "King's American Dispensatory,': "The Practitioner's Encyclopedia" edited by Brown and Murphy. To this latter volume I am indebted for English data, particularly to the section on Pharmacology. "Physiological Chemistry" by Mathews and a number of other texts were freely used.

Pharmacopeial information was derived from the various pharmacopeias, from the U. S. Pharmacopeia IX, and from a series in the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association by E. N. Gathercoal and entitled "Pharmacopeial Botanic Drugs of the Twentieth Century."

New products were looked up from various sources, largely "New and Nonofficial Remedies - 1916," published by the American Medical Association, and the Merck publications.

Pharmacologic data was derived from the writings of Wilcox, Hoyt, Cow, Dale, Cushny, Hatcher, Wilbert, H. C. Wood, Jr., Kobert, Fortescue-Brickdale, and others, as well as from the files of pharmacologic journals.

Therapeutic data was derived from so wide a range of books as to make invidious any especial mention.