P. I. Nixon, in Jour. A. M. A., March 25, 1916, reported an amebacide effect from an American plant, Chaparro amargosa. He has employed it successfully in numerous cases of amebic dysentery, giving four glasses of the fresh infusion daily, and rectal injections of a quart of the infusion. In his experience, the drug is a good substitute for emetine.

Chaulmoogra Oil. This oil is used in the treatment of leprosy and is credited with arresting the disease in some cases. It is given in doses increasing from 20 to 300 minims daily, in capsules or emulsion, or in milk per rectum. Inunctions are also employed. Sterilized tubes are prepared for intra-muscular injection; but it is irritating when so used. "Anti-leprol" is a refined product of chaulmoogra oil, and it is tolerated much better by the stomach, so that maximum dosage is possible. Gynocardic acid, the active principle, is given in dosage up to 3 grains, or the gynocardates are used.