Pomegranate, Tunica granatum. The bark is nearly universally official, the juice in Mexico and Spain, and the rind in Mexico and the Netherlands.


Anthelmintic, and active because of its content of Pelletierin, Pelletierinae Tannas, the tannate, being official in the U. S. In man absorption gives rise to toxic symptoms - weakness of the limbs, giddiness and confusion, with gastroenteric disturbances. Tapeworms are killed by very dilute solution, while other intestinal worms are not affected, even by strong solutions.


Especially efficacious as a tenia-fuge, the more rare Bothriocephalus being less influenced. Male fern is just the opposite of this; and, as the Tenia is the more common tapeworm in this country, pomegranate is more important to us than is male fern.


Don't use the decoction; it is a nasty dose. The fl. is given in an average dose of 30 minims. Pelletierine tannate (2 to 6 grains; average, 4 grains) is by far the most eligible preparation and is but mildly toxic to man. Give while the patient is fasting, and follow in 20 minutes with a dose of castor oil.