Ambra Liquid A Pharm. Argent. LI-quidamber: a refinous juice, of a yellow colour inclining to red, at first about the consistence of turpentine, by age hardening into a solid brittle resin; obtained from the tree that yields liquid storax, ftyrax aceris folio Raii, Liquidambar ftyracifiua Linn. growing in Virginia, Mexico, and other parts of America, and bearing the colds of our own climate.

This juice has a moderately pungent, warm, balsamic taste; and a very fragrant smell, not unlike that of storax calamita heightened with a little ambergris. It was formerly in common use as a perfume, and might probably be ap-plied to valuable medicinal purposes, but it is not at present much regarded, different artificial compositions having been often substituted-to it in the shops.