Sάlaparni. Vern. Sάlpani, Beng. Sarivan, Hind.

This little shrub is regarded as febrifuge and anti-catarrhal. It forms an ingredient of the compound decoction called dasamula kvatha a combination, much used in a great variety of diseases. Dasamula is made up of Desmodium Gangeticum (sάlaparni), Uraria lagopodioides (prisniparni), Solanum Jacquinii (kantaάri), Solanum Indicum (vrihati), Tribidus terrestris (gokshura), AEgle Marmelos (vilva), Calosanthes Indica (syonάka), Gmelina arborea (gambhari), Stereospermum suaveolens (patala) and Premna spinosa (ganikάrika).

Desmodium Gangeticum Dc Syn Hedysarum Gangeticum R 388

The first five in the above list, are collectively called hrasvapancha inula or the five minor plants, and the last five are called vrihat pancha mula or the five major plants. A decoction of the hrasva pancha mula is used in catarrhal fever, cough and other diseases supposed to be caused by deranged phlegm. The vrihat pancha-mula is used in fever and other diseases supposed to be caused by deranged air. The ten drugs together are used in remittent fever, puerperal fever, inflammatory affections within the chest, affections of the brain and many other diseases supposed to be caused by derangement of all the humours.1 Another combination called Ashtadasanga pachana consists of the ten drugs above mentioned, with the addition of the eight following, namely, chiretά, devadάru, ginger, tubers of Cyperus rotundus (mustaka), root of Picrorrhiza Kurroa (katuki), indrajava seeds, coriander, and fruits of Pothos officinalis. A decoction of these eighteen drugs is used in fevers of a severe type with drowsiness, delirium, picking of bed clothes, insensibility, and difficult breathing. A preparation of aconite and arsenic is generally given along with it.2

Dasamula taila. This is an oil prepared with a decoction of the ten drugs above mentioned, and is much used as a cooling application in headache and other diseases. To prepare it take of the ten drugs, in all twelve seers and a half, water sixty four seers. Boil down to sixteen seers and strain. To the strained decoction add four seers of lemon juice, four seers of prepared sesamum oil and a seer of the usual aromatics and colouring agents in the form of a paste and boil them together.