In freezing the first symptom of approaching danger is an intense and almost irresistible drowsiness. Notwithstanding the person knows that to sleep is to die, yet the desire to sleep is so strong that he often neglects to take the only precaution left him - exercise, but quietly lies down and dies.

Where a person is found in the stupor or apparent death, caused by intense cold, he should be removed, not to a heated apartment, as we should thereby preclude all hope of restoring animation, but to a place of shelter, such as a barn or a room without a fire, where he can be protected from drafts of air. He should then, especially if there be stiffness or rigidity, be covered several inches with snow, leaving the nostrils free, or if snow cannot be obtained, he should be placed in a bath, the water being made as cold as possible by means of ice. After the stiffness is removed by this treatment, the clothes should gradually be removed, by cutting them off if necessary, and the body rubbed with snow until it becomes red, or if snow is not to be obtained, it should be wiped dry - placed in a room moderately warm - covered with flannel, and briskly rubbed with the hands of several persons at the same time. If notwithstanding the above treatment, no signs of life show themselves, an enema of Camphor and water may be given once in fifteen minutes; the rubbing being continued. As soon as symptoms of approaching life become apparent a little strong black coffee without milk may be administered in an enema, and the patient also be permitted to swallow a little as soon as able. 20*

For the severe pains which are often felt after life is restored, a powder of Carbo-veg. should be given once in fifteen or twenty minutes, followed or alternated, if necessary, after five or six doses, with Arsenic. The patient should avoid for some time the heat of a fire, as it will produce intense pain, and have a tendency to cause serious derangement of the system.