Deaths from Carbonic-odd Gas, Carburetted-hydrogen Gas, and other poisonous gases are very common. Carbonic-acid gas is often found in the bottom of wells, and in large vessels, where fermentation has been going on. The presence of the gas may readily be detected by lowering a candle; if it goes out, of course the air will not support life, while if it burns brightly, there is no danger. In burning charcoal, the carbon of the coal uniting with the oxygen of the air, forms carbonic-acid gas, and unless the room is freely ventilated, the air soon becomes incapable of supporting life. Hence deaths often occur by burning a pan of charcoal in a tight room, the occupants unconscious of danger, having retired to rest. Death in this way is like the gliding into a dreamy and pleasant sleep.

The body should immediately be removed into a cool, fresh current of air. Cold water should be freely dashed on the neck, face and breast, or if the body is cold, warmth should be applied. Artificial respiration and the application of galvanism may also be resorted to, as directed in drowning. After life has been restored, a drop of Opium may be mixed with a tumbler half-full of water, and a teaspoonful given once in half an hour.

Apparent Death from Hunger. The agony endured where life slowly ebbs away from starvation, is beyond description. Small injections of warm milk should be repeatedly given, and cloths wet with warm milk or brandy placed on the stomach. As signs of returning life manifest themselves, warm milk may be given drop by drop, gradually increased to a teaspoonful, followed after a short interval by a little beef tea, or a few drops of wine. After a little sleep, solid food may be taken, and the patient permitted gradually to return to a full diet.