Chronic and protracted disorders attended with debility; dropsical accumulations; hectic, consumptive and low nervous fevers; derangement of menstruation in feeble constitutions; abcesses; chronic inflammation of the eyes and ears; glandular affections and affections of the liver and stomach.


Dryness of the skin; burning itching of the whole body; scaly or red spots. Herpes. Old warts. Abdominal and general dropsy.


Drowsiness in the day time; restless nights, and sleep full of fanciful dreams; starting when asleep, congestion of blood and gnashing of teeth. Nightmare.

Excessive pain in the body at night, like strokes of a hammer.


Night-sweat; shuddering and internal chilliness, sometimes with thirst or internal heat


Weak memory and sometimes loss of consciousness; dullness and stupid feeling in the head as if from intoxication; dizziness as from walking. Headache when riding in a carriage, or when sneezing or coughing; aching pain sometimes in the whole head, the eyes, forehead or back of the head, aggravated by contact, sometimes accompanied with nausea, and frequently going off in the open air; seething of the blood through the head. Stitches and throbbing pain through the forehead and sides of the head, frequently intermitting. Liability of the head to take cold, with headache and toothache. Scurf on the head, with itching pimples.


Soreness and burning in the eyes with feeling as of sand. Lids stuck together with matter in the morning; swelling and inflammation of the lids; sensitive to light, colors and sparks before the eyes, black points, spots and gauze before the eyes or in the open air.


Severe pain in the ears; itching, swelling and suppuration in the ear with discharge of matter; swelling of the parotid gland. Partial deafness with various noises in the ears.

Nose And Face

Pimples on the nose, sore, scurfy, or ulcerated nostrils; bleeding of the nose; obstructions of the nose. Old eruptions, warts, ulcers, and burning itching of the face.

Mouth and Throat - Toothache when eating, and when the teeth are touched by either cold or warm substances. Inflammation of the gums and looseness of the teeth. Swelling of the tongue, and painful vesicles in the inner mouth. Sore pain in the throat or scraping sensation, especially when swallowing food.


Drowsiness during and after a meal, and sense of fullness in the stomach; acidity in the stomach and sour eructations; nausea, sometimes with faintness, or as if the stomach were empty, or deranged; pressure; spasmodic, cutting, sore or throbbing pain in the stomach, which is also painful to the touch. Pressure, stitches, burning pain in the region of the liver.


Distension of the abdomen; colic with eructations; inactivity, coldness or uneasiness in the abdomen; flatulent colic; abdominal dropsy.


Burning at the anus after stool, itching of the anus. Large painful varices.

Urinary And Genital Organs

Long-continued, con-tusive pain in the region of the kidneys, especially in the afternoon when sitting. Frequent desire to urinate; turbid urine, sometimes with brick-dust sediment and burning in the urethra. Swelling of the testes. Soreness, burning and itching about the female genitals. Menstrual blood, acrid, having a bad pungent smell. Suppression of the menses, with dropsy, leucorrhoea.

Larynx And Chest

Hoarseness and night-cough, and short, hacking or spasmodic cough, sometimes causing vomiting. Oppressed and difficult breathing. Asthma, spasms and lacerating or cutting pain in the chest.

Back And Extremities

Violent pain in the back and extremities, sometimes stiffness, paralytic sensation or a bruised pain. Dropsical swelling, pimples and excoriation, swelling of the glands. Stitches or pressure in the region of the kidneys, pulsative or throbbing sensation.