Affections of the mucous membrane, sometimes with ulceration; scrofulous affections. Congestions arising from suppression of haemorrhoidal flux; constipation; spasmodic conditions, twitching of the limbs, etc.


Corrosive itching, particularly in the evening; excorations, humid scurf, and itching tetters.


Vertigo; heaviness or lacerating in the head; itching eruption on the scalp.

Eyes, Ears, And Nose

Burning in the eyes; nightly agglutinations; humming,- vibrations and other sounds in the ears; Bleeding at the nose; stoppage of the nose, or nose painful, swollen or ulcerated; itching eruptions on the face.

Abdomen And Foeces

Colic; inactivity and paralysis of the rectum; constipation, piles.

Sexual Organs

Headache before, and pain during the menses; profuse leucorrhcea, sometimes with itching; toothache, and constipation during pregnancy.