Inflammatory diseases and local congestions. The first stage of fevers and nearly all those diseases where there is a rapid increase of circulation, dry and hot skin. Also in spasmodic affections produced by fright.

General Symptoms

Thirst with redness of the checks. Bruised sensation and great sensitiveness to the touch; congestion of blood to the head and other organs; uneasiness as from a chill or suppressed perspiration; shivering sensation, or feeling as if the blood were stagnant.


Fever with dry and burning skin. Scarlatina. Measles, Small-Pox, and other eruptive diseases, attended with fever.


Drowsiness with dreams, or sleeplessness with great restlessness and tossing from side to side. Start-ings in sleep; nightly delirium.


Shivering with dry burning heat of the skin; burning heat with dry hot skin and great thirst; rapid pulse, at times hard, at others wiry and intermittent.


Vertigo, particularly on raising the head. Piercing throbbing pain in the head, forehead, and temples, or fullness in the forehead, as if the brain would press out; pinching pain over the root of the nose, and bruised or tensive sensation; congestion to the head with heat of the face; pains increased by movement.

Eyes, Ears, And Nose

Acute ophthalmia with great redness, heat, and shooting pain in the eyes. Roaring in the ears. Bleeding from tire nose.

Teeth, Mouth, And Throat

Toothache, especially from a cold, with heat and throbbing pain in one side of the face. Rheumatic and congestive tooth and face-ache. Acute inflammation of the throat, with violent fever and difficulty in swallowing.

Stomach And Abdomen

Inflammation of the stomach. Inflammation of the bowels and intestines, with burning lacerating pain; great sensitiveness of the abdomen and stomach to the touch.

Foeces And Urinary Organs

Frequent, scanty and loose stools with tenesmus; watery diarrhoea. Retention or incontinence of urine; high-colored urine, with or without brick-dust sediment.

Genital Organs

Milk-fever, puerperal fever, derangement of the menses, especially when accompanied with fever.


Short, dry cough, as if from a tickling sensation in the larynx; spasmodic cough, or cough with bloody or mucus expectoration. Dry cough, with heat, thirst, and restlessness. First stage of hooping cough, etc.


Anxious, quick, or labored breathing. Asthmatic suffering; aching pain in the chest. Pneumonia, pleurisy, and affections of the heart.