Bilious affections, also in children and persons of a nervous temperament. Toothache. Affections arising from grief or passion. Spasms, especially of children. Drawing lacerating pain in the bones. Paralysis of the parts.


Rash of infants and nursing females; unhealthy skin. Erysipelas; great sensitiveness, especially to currents of air.


Drowsiness; sleeplessness or soporous condition; anguish during sleep, with sudden cries.


Shuddering sensation; great sensitiveness to the cold air. Intermittent fever, with nightly exacerbations; nausea, vomiting; colic and diarrhoea; heat with shuddering, inflammatory and gastric fevers.

Moral Symptoms

Great restlessness; peevishness and weeping.


Oppressive heaviness, dizziness; throbbing headache; hysteric, nervous or catarrhal headache.

Eyes, Ears, And Nose

Twitchings of the muscles of the eyes, and yellowness of the whites; drawing in the ears, and discharge from the ears; swelling of the parotid gland; bleeding from the nose.

Face, Mouth And Throat

Redness and burning heat on the face, particularly of one cheek while the other is cold and pale; erysipelas and swelling of one side of the face; convulsive movement of the facial muscles; sore throat with swelling of the parotids; stinging and burning in the throat, extending to the mouth and stomach. Grumbling and drawing toothache, aggravated by warm drinks and sometimes accompanied by swelling of the glands and stomach; nightly toothache, especially in the warmth of bed; throbbing and jerking toothache.

Stomach And Abdomen

Vomiting, sometimes sour preceded by nausea; acidity of the stomach; painful bloatedness and weight in the stomach as from a stone; spasms in the stomach, particularly after the use of coffee or after a meal; flatulent colic; tensive or compressive pain in the abdomen; abdominal spasms; sensitiveness of the abdomen to the touch.

Faeces And Genital Organs

Undigested stools, hot diarrhoeic stools, with putrid smell, smelling like rotten eggs; green or watery diarrhoea; nightly diarrhoea with colic; diarrhoea during dentition, from cold, anger or chagrin. Corrosive leucorrhoea; cutting colic before the monthly period; profuse menstruation, sometimes with labor-like pains. Affections of females during and after pregnancy.

Larynx And Chest

Wheezing, hoarseness, cough, and rattling of mucus in the throat. Catarrhal cough of children; stitches in the chest, and difficult breathing.

Back And Extremities

Pain in the back, especially at night, nightly pain in the limbs, sometimes with paralytic weakness.