The glands in different parts of the body are liable, from various causes, to become swollen and suppurate, causing frequently not only considerable pain, but more or less general disturbance throughout the system. Hence we frequently have swelling of the glands of the neck arm-pit, groins, etc.

One of the various poultices already enumerated may be applied, and, if the swelling is attended with considerable pain, Belladonna and Mercury alternated four or five hours apart. If the swelling is slow in its progress, Hepar-s. or Silicea may be given, one in the morning, and the other in the evening. Should the patient be scrofulous, a dose of Iodine may be given every night,

After the abscess has opened, a few doses of Hepar-s. in alternation with Silicea, given morning and night, may be required. Enlargement of the glands about the neck require Dulcamara and Mercury in alternation, a dose every evening, and after suppuration has commenced, Hepar-s. and Silicea in the same manner.

Sulphur every second night will often remove a tendency to this difficulty, or eradicate the relics of the disease.


A powder, or three globules, dry on the tongue, as directed above.