Rheumatic and erysipelatous inflammations; great derangement of the nervous system; congestion to the head; spasms; convulsions; neuralgia.


Scarlet spots and scarlet redness, sometimes with hot swelling of the parts; erysipelatous and rheumatic inflammations, with red and hot swellings; boils and painful glandular swellings.


Drowsiness, stupor, or great sleeplessness and restlessness, screaming, moaning and starting in sleep, with anxious and frightful dreams; headache on waking.


Chilliness from a current of air; violent burning heat, redness of the face, congestion to the head, and violent thirst; pulse strong and quick, or full and slow.

Mental Emotions

Melancholy, nightly delirium; insanity with changeable feelings; at times merry and foolish, at others sad with weeping, at others violent rage, howling and screaming; illusion of the senses; conversing with absent friends or imaginary things.


Violent headache, especially in the forehead, so severe as to cause him to close the eyes, and increased by motion; headache above the orbits as if the brain were pressed out, violent pulsative and throbbing headache; lacerating and shooting pains in the head; fullness and heaviness of the head; congestion to the head.


Redness of the face, sometimes swollen; erysipelatous inflammation; violent neuralgia.

Eyes, Ears, And Nose

Great sensitiveness to light, running at the eyes, and violent pain in the balls, severe pain in the orbit, as if the eyes would be forced out, spasms of the eyes; staring, shining or glistening eyes; amaurosis; great dimness of sight, cloudiness of the head, sparks before the eyes. Lacerating, stitching pain in the ear; swelling of the parotid gland. Bleeding at the nose. Ulcers on the nostrils and the corners of the lips.

Mouth And Throat

Locked jaw; throbbing and ulcerative pain in the gums, violent and lacerative toothache, worse at night; rheumatic toothache, particularly during pregnancy; toothache with red, hot face, beating in the head; swelling and inflammation of the mouth and tongue; tremor of the tongue; roughness and soreness of the throat; sore throat with pain and swelling and difficult swallowing; inflammation of the tonsils, rawness of the throat; spasmodic constriction of the throat.

Stomach And Abdomen

Loss of appetite, hiccough, spasms of the stomach, resembling a cramp; pain in the pit of the stomach, colic and shooting pain or cramplike and constrictive pain in the bowels; great sensitiveness of the stomach and abdomen; peritonitis.

Faeces And Urine

Dysenteric or diarrhoeic stool with straining; paralysis of the neck of the bladder; inflammation of the bladder and kidneys.

Genital Organs

Derangement of the womb, affecting the head and nervous system; puerperal fever; spasms of parturient women; toothache and colic of parturient women, swelling and pain in the breast

Larynx And Chest

Hoarseness, painfulness of the larynx when coughing; dry night-cough; hooping cough. Labored and difficult breathing; asthma; stitches or shooting pains in the chest; spasms of the chest and throat, palpitation, and tremor of the heart.

Back And Extremities

Rheumatic or neuralgic pains; stiffness of the parts; glandular swellings; erysipelatous inflammation.