This disease may attack every system of nerves, and be developed in every part of the body. Being purely an affection of the nerves, the pain may become most intense and agonizing, sometimes producing delirium. It assumes different names, when developed in different parts of the body. Thus, we have Prosopalgia, Tic-doloureux, Nervous headache, Angina pectoris, etc, all of which are only varieties of neuralgia.

For Neuralgia of the Stomach, see Gastralgia. Neuralgia of the Abdominal nerves, see Colic. For Nervous headache, see headache.

Of the other forms of neuralgia we shall treat of

1. Facial Neuralgia, sometimes called Prosopalgia or Tic-Doloureux.

2. Angina Pectoris, or neuralgia of the heart.

3. Neuralgia of the spinal marrow.

4. Sciatica.