Where it is evident that the cries of a child proceed from pain, as they generally do, the cause should be ascertained. The dress should be carefully examined, to see that the flesh is not irritated by pins. If it is evident, that the pain proceeds from colic, a few doses of Chamomilla will generally be all that is necessary to produce relief, especially if there are griping pains, indicated by writhing of the body, and drawing up the legs, together with diarrhoea.

Belladonna or Coffea will be indicated where there is apparently no exciting cause, but the infant is peevish, wakeful and has prolonged fits of crying. Ipecac., where the colic is attended with sickness of the stomach.


Of the above remedies six globules, a powder, or one drop may be placed in a glass half-full of water and a teaspoonful given every half hour or hour until relieved.


Screaming, restlessness, violent griping pains, and sour-smelling diarrhoeic stools.

Nux-v. will be required, where the bowels are constipated, and where there is flatulent colic, accompanied by sudden fits of crying.


Same as Belladonna.