Neuralgic affection; diseases of the heart; affections caused by worms.


Periodical headache; pain in the head when shaking it; sensation as if the brain were loose, when walking; pain worse in the open air.

Eyes, Ears And Nose

Aching and pressive pain in the eyes, as if the eye-balls were too large; inflammation and redness of the eyes. Arthritic and rheumatic ophthalmia; great sensitiveness to light. Pain and stoppage of the ears; periodical deafness; itching and stoppage of the nose; eruption around the nose.


Pale, disfigured face; typical nervous prosopalgia. Prosopalgia on one side of the face, with anguish about the heart; violent pains in the face, not allowing the least contact or motion with shining swelling.


Toothache with prosopalgia; darting pain through all the teeth, aggravated by cold water or air.


Great sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach; loss of appetite or canine hunger.


Pinching stitching in the bowels; discharge of worms; crawling and itching in the anus.


Shortness of breath, particularly in talking or from exercise. Sudden suffocative attacks with palpitation of the heart Constriction of the chest with anguish; strong and violent beating of the heart, so that it is perceptible to sight and hearing, attended with anguish and oppression of the chest, and increased on sitting down or bending forward.