Chronic affections from abuse of Mercury; rachitis; scrofulous affections of the bones, eruptive diseases, etc.


Itching sensation over the whole body. Carbuncles, boils; swelling and suppuration of the glands; dry eruption or having an ulcerative tendency.


Inflammation of the eyes and redness and ulceration of the lids; ulcers on the cornea; paroxysms of blindness; specks or dark spots before the eyes, cataract and amaurosis.


Beating in the ears; scurf behind the ears; swelling of the parotid gland, with pain.


Ulcers or scabs in the nose; frequent sneezing; chronic obstruction, coryza and catarrh.


Chapped skin; ulcers and eruptions on the lip; cancer.

Mouth And Throat

Caries and swelling of the jaw; sore gums and ulceration at the root of the teeth; toothache, especially when eating warm food, or when cold air gets into the mouth. Sore throat with stinging pain, when swallowing.


Nausea and vomiting, after heating exercise, taking a drink, and from various other causes; sour eructations; acidity of the stomach. Painfulness of the pit of the stomach to pressure and sensation of a load there.


Colic with constipation; inflammation of the inguinal glands; constipation.

Genital Organs

Milky leucorrhoea; inflammation and suppuration of the nipples.

Larynx And Chest

Suffocative night-cough; dry fatiguing cough; continued cough with bloody or purulent expectoration; shortness of breath.

Back And Extremities

Curvature of the spine; stiff back; glandular swellings and suppuration; ulcers; softening and caries of the bones.