Particularly useful in female affections. The pains are relieved by the application of warmth, and usually disappear during violent exercise.


Glandular and lymphatic swellings; dry and itchlike eruption; itching of the whole body, ringworm; scurfy and humid eruption.


Intense headache in the morning, sometimes with nausea; rush of blood to the head, beating head-27 ache in the evening and at every motion; headache as if the eyes would fall out or the head burst. Itching and eruption on the scalp.

Eyes, Ears And Nose

Inflammation of the eyes and lids with pain in the head. Eruption and discharge of pus from the ear; roaring and whizzing in the ear. Ulcerated, scabby and swollen nostril; obstruction of the nose; bleeding at the nose. Eruption and yellow spots on the face.


Toothache of pregnant females; painful swelling of the gums.


Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy; cramp in the stomach and abdomen, and pressive pain after a meal. Aching in the region of the liver.


Weight and distension of the abdomen and frequent attacks of colic, especially in the morning and after exercise; sometimes with nausea.


Constipation. Exhausting diarrhoea; haemorrhoids; pain in the rectum.


Turbid and fetid urine. with white or brick-dust sediment.

Genital Organs

Itching and soreness of the parts; prolapsus uteri and bearing-down pain. Acrid leucor-rhoea, with itching and excoriation. Affections during pregnancy; toothache, nausea, vomiting, etc.


Hoarseness and dry cough, sometimes with saltish, purulent or bloody expectoration.


Difficulty of breathing and pressure in the chest; seething of blood and congestion to the chest; rawness in the chest, pain from motion, or on breathing or coughing; palpitation of the heart.


Pain or weariness in the small of the back; stiffness of the neck; eruption on neck and back.


Paralytic sensation in the arms; bruised pain in the limbs. Itching and scurfy eruptions, sometimes ulcerating.