Palling of the womb is a very common affection, especially among females, who have borne children, although it is occasionally met with in unmarried females, and those who have never given birth to children. It is occasioned by a weakness of the ligaments, which give support to the womb, and also by a weakness of the 14* walls of the vagina. We frequently find it the result of sitting up too soon after delivery, and also occasioned by violent vomiting, coughing, or sneezing, by lifting heavy weights, and a general weakness of the system.

The patient complains of a sensation of fullness in the pelvis, of weight and bearing-down and dragging from the loins and umbilicus. There is more or less pain in the back, extending round the groins. The patient is worse in the evening than in the morning, and the symp-toms are aggravated by much exertion. Leucorrhcea is generally an attending symptom, although the discharge may vary, occasionally very profuse, sometimes slight, but in all cases diminishing the strength of the consti-tution.


The sitz-bath will be highly beneficial, also general bathing. Rest in the recumbent position will be advisable, or at least, the patient should avoid being on the feet, as much as possible.

In the commencement of the difficulty, a powder, or six globules of Nux-v. may be alone sufficient to produce a cure. If this remedy fails of producing the desired ef-fect, it may be followed by Belladonna, Srpia, Calcarea, or Aurum in the same manner, changing the remedy for another, if in a week's time no effect is produced. In severe cases the patient will of course perceive the propriety of consulting her physician.

It will be unnecessary to speak here of various other affections of the womb, such as cancer, and a variety of ulcerations and tumors, as the experience and skill of the physician or surgeon will be necessary to produce relief.