Scrofulous affections; abdominal phthisis.


Rough, dry skin, and unhealthy eruptions, especially tuberculous persons. Glandular swellings and indurations; night-sweat.

Eyes And Ears

Sore and inflamed eyes; hardness of hearing.


Pinching and aching colic; swelling of the inguinal glands.

Genital Organs

Corroding leucorrhoea; delaying of the menstrual functions.

Larynx And Chest

Pain in the larynx; inflammation of the trachea; hoarseness in the morning; dry, short cough, especially in the morning, sometimes with stitches in the chest, and bloody expectoration. Great difficulty in breathing; violent pulsations in the chest; sore pain in the chest.

Back And Limbs

Rheumatic pain and swelling in the limbs and joints; glandular swellings. Dropsical or inflammatory swelling of the knee.