Coughs, fevers, and affections produced by a derangement of the stomach and bowels; gastric and bilious fevers, intermittent fever, etc.


Shuddering and yawning and great sensitiveness to cold and heat; external coldness and internal heat. Intermittent fever with an absence of the sweating stage.


Headache as if the brain and skull were bruised; aching pain in the head, especially over the eyes; headache with sickness of the stomach.


Coryza with stoppage of the nose, and pain in the forehead, frequent sneezing.


Nausea and effort to vomit and vomiting; vomiting of mucus and various other substances; vomiting with diarrhoea. Colic of children; flatulent colic; griping and pinching in the bowels.

Faeces - Diarrhoeic, fermented stools; diarrhoea with nausea and vomiting; dysenteric stools, sometimes of bloody mucus and with tenesmus.

Genital Organs

Profuse menstrual discharge of bright, red and coagulated blood.

Larynx And Chest

Rattling in the bronchial tubes, suffocative cough; cough without eruption, in the cold air, excited by a tickling in the throat or deep inspiration, and sometimes accompanied with nausea and headache; ordinary catarrhal cough.


Asthma, palpitation of the heart and oppression of the chest